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LeadSintec Co., Ltd is a newly company which established in the 2004, Our strengthened sevice is help to provide PCB, Component procurement, PCB assembly and metal fabrication, we specialize our strengthen on growing global supplier channel management, electronics manufacturing service (EMS), Nowdays , Many companies are facing with increasing cost down pressure from their customers, to maintain a good

competance, outsouring become a good choice, our company emphasis our feature to assist those small and mid-sized customers to reduce their cost by total solutions service, we provide the high-mixed, low and medium volume service for our customers. our market is growing bigger because of the tremendous benefit and good quality products that we can delivery to our customers. We are proud of our systems and the teams behind us. we have an excelent teams of rich experiece on component procurement , manufacture, engineering support, quality control and logistics servicel, We work very hard to provide high quality products for our customers , we hope become partner with our customer for long terms cooperation.

Our manufacturing facilities include clean workshops and high speed advanced SMT lines. Our placement precision can reach chip +0.1MM on integrated circuit parts, which means we can almost deal with all kinds of integrated circuits such as SO, SOP, SOJ, TSOP, TSSOP, QFP, BGA and U-BGA. Additionally, we can provide 0201 chip placement, through-hole components insertion, and finished products fabrication, testing, package.

Our capability and services range
1. Production of customer designed components
2. SMD assembly and Through hole components insertion
3. IC pre-programming
4. Function verfication and burn intesting
5. Complete Unit assembly ( which including plastics, metal box, Coil, cable inside etc)
6. Enviromental Coating
7. Engineering including end of life components, obsolete component replace and design support for circuit, metal and plastic enclosure
8. Packing design

We are committed to improving our product quality constantly. Our operation is ISO 9001: 2000-certified, and the products deliveryed from us shall be full quality checked, striving to 100% customer's satisfaction is our long term mission.

To work with a reliable EMS provider with high mixed, low volume order, contact us today.

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